Selection Of Fresh Vegetables

•  De-toxin treatment, on the spot weight reduction for body, slimming, firming natural way.



If you decide to undergo weight loss surgery with Allure medspa, our lifestyle team will be with you every step of the way:

•  A comprehensive consultation with your Weight Loss Surgeon
•  A pre-operative consultation with a Clinical Nurse Specialist
•  Regular help and support from our specialist weight loss surgery dietitians
•  Fitness plan from our fitness advisor
•  A post-operative wound check by a nurse
•  A post-operative diet plan individually designed by our dietitian
•  Referral to a clinical psychologist if required
•  Access to doctor for 24 hours
•  A minimum one year aftercare programme designed to help, support and advise you throughout your journey, towards achieving your goal weight
•  Indefinite aftercare via annual consultations with the dietitian

We will help you achieve all this as well as the bonuses that come with weight loss surgery: a boost in confidence, increased energy levels and other factors we sometimes take for granted such as fertility, raised libido and new or renewed self esteem.

Allure medspa adheres to all guidelines to ensure that weight loss surgery is the right option for you, that your chosen procedure is suitable and that it is the right time for you to go ahead with weight loss surgery.


Selection Of Fresh Vegetables

•  Body slimming
•  Firming, Weight reduction
•  Tightning for the skin


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Cutting-edge treatment that harnesses your body’s natural powers of healing to tighten skin and achieve incredible results. It is especially effective for addressing the visible signs of ageing, as well as sun damage, scarring, slackened skin, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dilated blood vessels. Collagen Stimulation Therapy can be done on all areas of the face and body and is suitable for all skin types.


• Dramatic inprovements without the need for invasive surgery
• Completely natural, uses the skin’s own powers of rejuvenation
• Not painful – a topical anaesthetic is used
• Short healing time, in most cases clients are able to go to work the next day.
• Does not damage the skin, unlike some other procedures
• Can be done on all areas of face and body
• Does not cause sun sensitivity
•Lasting effects – collagen continues to be laid down in the months following treatment.


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