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This is an operation to remove the mole. This may be because it has shown changes in shape or colour, or is unsightly, painful or restricting your movement. Removing a mole with Spire Cosmetic Surgery is usually a quick and straightforward procedure and is often performed as an out-patient or day-case procedure, with no overnight stay.

What does mole removal surgery involve?

The operation is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, which means that the affected skin area will be completely numb but you stay awake. Sedative drugs can be given with a local anaesthetic to help you feel relaxed during the procedure.

In some cases, a local anaesthetic and/or sedation is not needed. This will depend on the type of treatment you are having and the size, location and number of moles that need removing.

The exact technique used for removing the mole depends on factors such as what condition it is, its size and location.

Most moles are removed with a scalpel and the wound closed with stitches. Some moles may be shaved down to the level of the surrounding skin. Alternatively some may be frozen off with cold liquid nitrogen gas or destroyed with a precision high-energy laser.

Selection Of Fresh Vegetables

Warts are small, rough growths caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Any area of your skin can be affected, but warts are most commonly found on your hands, feet and face. Warts on the soles of your feet are known as verrucas and are also caused by HPV.



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